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Ep5 of Clearing the Air: Haze Communications in Malaysia


As the region faces a heightened risk of haze, CERAH, Universiti Malaya, and the National Cheng Kung University stressed the importance of delivering effective communication strategies to keep the public well-informed and responsive to adaptive haze measures.


In this fifth episode of Clearing The Air, the webinar series hosted academic experts and policymakers to express their insights on this pressing matter.


We also launched two policy briefs on public perceptions towards haze during this virtual session.





different air under one sky

CERAH members had the opportunity to attend Greenpeace Malaysia’s presentation of the “Different Air Under One Sky: The Inequity Air Research” report and ‘To Dream of Blue Skies’ art exhibition and discussions with guest panel speakers artists Oscar Lee and Fahmi Reza.

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sharing session between CERAH, UM, UKM and EDF team


On the 14 Dec 2022, we had an interesting sharing session between CERAH-UM, UKM and EDF team on coordinating the scope of two EDF methane projects. While the CERAH-UM project will focus on transparency and governance, the UKM project will focus on emission inventories and measurements. Looking forward to working with the UKM team as both projects move forward.




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Access to clean air is a fundamental human right, as air pollution can have severe impacts on public health, particularly for vulnerable populations such as children, and elderly people.

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