About Us


CERAH aims to raise awareness to end transboundary haze by working on education, advocacy, and influencing state, national, and regional policy with our partners and allies.”


Formed in 2015, we are a civil society organisation comprised of a group of individuals that came together in response to the chronic and persistent transboundary haze pollution affecting the Malaysian masses.


With every haze episode, CERAH’s voice continues to grow stronger as we speak up on behalf of the affected members of the public. Our collective platform aims to call for systemic solutions in tackling haze pollution and uphold our democratic right to clean air.





☁ Reinforce the recognition of air pollution under environmental rights in Malaysia.

☁ Strengthen Malaysia’s air quality governance & management of transboundary haze pollution.

☁ Advance transparency in national environmental pollution disclosure and management.

☁ Pioneer public awareness, education & advocacy on eliminating transboundary haze for Malaysians.



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Eager to be part of the solution rather than the pollution?


Get connected with our CERAH network, stay updated with our social media platforms, our reach out to us directly if you would like to mobilise collective action.