gabungan darurat iklim malaysia

Gabungan Darurat Iklim Malaysia (the Climate Emergency Coalition of Malaysia), is a coalition of Malaysian civil society organizations and individuals. Created in 2021, GDIM was founded to address Malaysia’s response to the global climate emergency.  As part of the coalition, CERAH, Clear Skies Society participated in addressing the Malaysian Government’s Carbon Neutrality Announcement, where the then Prime Minister stated that Malaysia would be carbon neutral as early as 2050 and that carbon pricing and a carbon tax will be introduced.

Cerah’s role in gdim’s calls to action

GDIM wrote a letter calling upon the Government of Malaysia at the federal, state and local levels to declare a Climate Emergency in Malaysia no later than 16 September 2022 (Malaysia Day).  Of the 12 specific calls, CERAH plays a vital role in the following…

Declare a Climate Emergency at local, state and federal government levels in Malaysia no later than 16 September 2022.

Ensure that the Climate Emergency Declaration’s Framework for Action is Principle-based, Putting the Planet and People First.

Institute integrated, participatory, equitable, and rights-based governance mechanisms and processes for the Climate Emergency.

Uphold the People’s Right to Information Regarding the Climate Crisis.

Devote all the resources necessary for the full implementation of a holistic, equitable and robust National Adaptation Plan for Malaysia which takes into account human rights and up-to-date scientific future scenario projections.

Make Community Resilience a permanent priority in all mitigation and adaptation plans, recognizing that resilience to climate impacts will not be possible without empowering and enabling communities.

Recognise that the Climate Emergency is a Health Emergency and commit to low-carbon, resilient, sustainable and equitable health systems for Malaysia through healthy climate policies and health care leadership.

Initiate a rapid decarbonisation trajectory for Malaysia with the phase-out of fossil fuel and adoption of 100%  renewable energy for electricity generation for the whole of Malaysia by 2035 and ensure energy resilience
and energy justice.